10 Activities That Will Help Your Kids and Teens Relieve Stress

10 Activities That Will Help Your Kids and Teens Relieve Stress

Yes, your kids and teens get stressed very much the same way adults do. It is a part of their physical and mental makeup, totally normal until it gets to be too much. You can help your kids and teens deal with their stress by teaching them to use these activities. When they learn to manage their stress, they will keep it from doing any physical, mental or emotional damage. And what is the best way for your kids to learn stress relief activities? By doing them together with you! Or at least seeing you model your stress relieving activities.

Here are ten activities that will help your kids and teens:

  1. Listen to music. this doesn’t necessarily mean that your kids and teens have to listen to slow melodies. Dance music will work too. Depending on the type of stress your child is feeling, you may want to have them listen to one over the other.

  2. Take a deep breath or two. This relaxation technique has been around forever because it works. You simply slowly take in a deep breath, hold it and slowly let it go. Repeat. You can also visualize good air feelings in, bad feelings going out. While there are many variations to this technique, anyone will give your kids and teens the stress relief they need.

  3. Go outside and play. The outside world is full of fresh air, sunshine and other great stuff. Playing outside will get your kids some exercise and help get their minds off whatever is giving them their stress.

  4. Unplug from everything. Turn the internet off, stop texting, etc. Get away from the world and don’t let it into your personal space. Allow yourself a break from ‘all that’. Take some time doing other things that will relax you, it will all be there when you plug back in, so let it go.

  5. Take a hot bath or shower. Hot water is so relaxing. Your kids and teens will benefit from its ability to help them unwind. Give them a bar of lavender soap for an even more peaceful soak.

  6. Talk to a friend. Friends listen and when they do, kids and teens are able to get what is bothering them off their chest. While this may not fix whatever the problem is, it will help them relieve some of the stress that goes with the problem.

  7. Get some exercise. This works as a preventative activity where kids exercise daily for the stress relieving benefits and as a onetime activity to relieve a really bad day’s worth of stress. Kids who are stressed out will benefit from going for a bike ride or playing a moving dance video game.

  8. Journal. Writing out things out did in a day, your dreams, your worries, etc. gives you a way to put your kids and teens’ life into perspective. This will help keep them calm and work out their stress.

  9. Get a back or foot rub. Massage is a wonderful stress reliever and can be combined with other activities to maximize the benefits. For example, adding a foot run to a hot bath – that is heaven. Your kids will be relaxed the rest of the night and much calmer in the morning as well.

  10. Meditate for 5 minutes. Meditation takes some time learning, so it is best for older kids and teens. If they are into doing the activity it will relieve their stress and give them many more benefits.

These ten activities will help you and your kids and teens relieve stress. Practice doing them ‘just because’ instead of waiting for a time when stress levels are high. For instance, taking a hot bath and journaling about your day can be a part of your teen’s bedtime routine. It then is a daily preventative measure against stress in their lives. Sounds like a win-win! I hope these ideas will help you be successful in relieving stress for you and your kids and teens.

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