10 Fun Fall Family Outdoor Activity Ideas

10 Fun Fall Family Outdoor Activity Ideas

Finding time to do things together as a family is often solved simply by finding an activity that you want to do and then scheduling it in. While these activities can be anything you can do any time of the year – like bowling – it is fun to change it up a bit and do seasonal activities as a family as well.

Fall is a favorite season for many people because of the changing leaves, the fresh harvested foods and the crisp air gives you a break from the heat of the summer. These reasons give way to fantastic activities that the entire family will love to do. It’s a win-win when mom, dad and the kids enjoy time together AND the activity they are doing. So, let’s get to the list! Here are ten fun fall activities for your family:

  1. Go apple picking. It is not only fun, but it comes with its own snacks! Word of caution: know what you are going to do with all of those apples before you go. You don’t want to let them go to waste. Make some apple sauce, pies or turnovers with your kids to turn the apple picking trip into more than one activity.
  2. Hayrides are tons of fun! Especially when they end up somewhere or have a bonfire at the end. If so, don’t forget to bring the marshmallows!
  3. Take a hike. Look for trails that go up hills and mountains allowing your family to look out and wonder at the awesome colors of fall. When you get to the top, have a picnic lunch or snack before making your way back down.While you are on the way down, be sure to make a pretty leaf bouquet out of your favorite leaves.
  4. Pick a pumpkin and carve it. Or visit a petting zoo with turkeys. Going out into the field to pick out your pumpkins is a real treat. It makes the whole process of carving it that much more fun. One word of caution, be prepared to get more than one pumpkin if you have more than one kid ;)
  5. Visit outside historic sites and battlefields. These sites have educational value, help build a sense of citizenship in your kids and are a great place to picnic, throw Frisbee and wonder at how fast your kids grow.
  6. Bike a rail trail. Rail trails are very scenic, even ones that have the city surrounding them. Need to find a trail in your area? Try RailstoTrails.org. You can also hike these trails or use your ATV. Each trail is different, so check out the rules for your local trail before you go.
  7. Puzzle out a corn maze. Like mazes? Try out these life size ones made out of corn stalks. Be prepared to spend at least two hours, or much more, at one of the mazes. Call ahead to get approximate times. Go with another family and make teams.
  8. Get some exercise in your own yard. Play a game of two-hand touch football or make a hug pile of leaves to jump in. The football season has begun, so bring it home by playing some football yourself. Get your extended family involved and create a real competition. Or if you aren’t into football, another way to get exercise in the fall is to rake up the leaves and start jumping in the piles. It’s an added plus that the yard gets cleaned up.
  9. Go overnight camping. Make seasonal food like baked sweet potatoes in a campfire or foil pack some squash. Gather around a campfire together and tell stories or sing songs while you make s’mores. This is a great time to share hopes and dreams, or play silly games. The air is cooler in the fall, which makes sleeping in a sleeping bag cozy. Relax and enjoy the fall season and your family’s company.
  10. Attend a local football game, lacrosse game, field hockey game, cross country meet or soccer tournament. What is more fun than rooting for the home team, really? Your local area has high school and community teams will love getting fans to come out and watch. Plus, this is an inexpensive way to get your kids interested in playing a sport. And you get to watch a fun game as these types of teams always play to win! One more thing, you will find that most fields have swing sets and parks nearby if your kiddos get a little bored.

Do you have more fall activities to suggest? We would love to hear them! Please share in our comments section below.

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