10 Fun Winter Family Outdoor Activity Ideas

While many think of winter as a time to cuddle up in a blanket and hibernate away from the cold outdoors, there are many fun activities families can enjoy during those winter months. They include activities that are active and will get you some exercise, spectator activities and some that will remind you what it was like to be young. These are all fun winter activities for families and they will make some really great memories – so don’t forget to take pictures!

    1. Go ice skating. Gliding across the ice takes a bit of physical effort, which makes this fun family activity a good way to get the whole family exercising too. Ice skating is an easy activity to learn and once you have the basics, you can add tricks like spins or sport activities like hockey. This is one winter activity that a family can do many times in the winter season without anyone getting bored. While there are indoor rinks, nothing beats an outdoor rink or a frozen lake or pond to skate on. Just be on the safe side and go where the ice has been tested.


  1. Build a snow fort and have a snowball battle. Challenge friends and neighbors to a friendly snow fort building contest or a snowball battle where the targets are the forts – not the players. If you’ve got enough snow, you can build a whole city!
      1. Strap on some snow shoes and take a hike. Hikes are beautiful any season of the year, but the quiet mystery you will experience while hiking in the snow will leave you full of wonder and a lot less stressed. Get your family out for a snowshoe experience – you’ll be so glad you did!


      1. Go sledding or tubbing on the biggest hill in your area. Another winter activity that doesn’t have to cost much and can be very budget friendly. All you need are a couple of inexpensive plastic sleds or a tube and a hill. Oh yeah! You’ll need some hot chocolate too ;)


      1. See a local ice hockey game. It’s a spectator activity that is tons of fun. If you are lucky enough to have a local hockey team, go out and watch a game. Become fans of the local team and support them by making posters at home and helping your kids hold them up at the game. It’s fun for your family and a great moral booster for the team.


      1. Catch some fish on a frozen lake. If you have a fisherman in your family, take advantage and get some fresh fish for dinner. One of my favorite memories is watch my little girl all bundled up kneeling down to start in the hole in the ice on the lake where my parents live. Her father was trying to coax a fish to come up out of it and she wasn’t sure she believed he really had a fish on the line. It was fun the watch – and later, the fish was tasty to eat.


      1. Take the family downhill or cross-country skiing. Plan a mini family vacation and seek out a ski resort for the weekend. There you can get your younger children a downhill skiing lesson to teach them how to ski or to sharpen their skills. Or check out the trails in your area for some cross-country skiing fun. Pack a winter picnic with some hot soup and sandwiches for when you need a break to refuel.


      1. Head out on a snowmobile. If you live in an area where you will get the use out of them, snowmobiles are a great outdoor toy investment for families. Be sure everyone has the proper snow gear and helmets, and you will be off for many fun times together. This activity can also lead to your family into getting involved in your local community of snowmobilers which will provide opportunities for family volunteering and more. Our local snowmobile club has a steak dinner fundraiser in the summer where the kids all bus the tables when patrons are finished their meal.


      1. Make a snowman or a whole snow family! Making a snowball as big as you can and then building a person out of it is magic. You will remember what it is to be young when you do this activity with your kids.


    1. Go to a dog sled race. This is my favorite all time winter activity. Our family heads out to the Can-Am Dog Sled Race every year – my oldest daughter even volunteered with her school Key Club to take care of the dogs when they have a rest stop in the 250-mile race. It is an amazing event to watch and one that I urge you to take your family to see if you get the chance to go.

    On a final note: Don’t let the cold keep your family from the health benefits of getting outdoors. You will love the fun times and the great memories you take with you. so, bundle everyone up and enjoy!

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