5 Things to Do to Help Your Teen Have an Active Summer

5 Things to Do to Help Your Teen Have an Active Summer

Parents who want their teenagers to grow up to be a successful young adult know that they should strive to motive their teens to do active things over the summer instead of looking at this time of year as a long vacation. But knowing this and being able to successfully motivate their teens are two different things. While it isn’t hard to simply talk to your teen about the summer possibilities they have, getting them to act on your discussions can be a bit trickier. Therefore, a well laid out plan will help.

Parents can start to help their teen plan out a active summer by knowing their teens options and offering these things to their teen. Of course your teenager can do more than one thing on the list, but getting an unmotivated teen to start with just one is a plus. Here are five possible things you teen could be doing this summer to keep them active:

Learning something new by taking a summer class. Summer classes are offered by adult study groups, online, local attractions, and at local colleges. What is really cool are the subjects offered. Because you are able to be outdoors in the summer, many of the classes are geared toward the warm weather and are done outdoors. Check your local area pools for swim, or diving lessons or they can take a lifeguard class.

Going to a summer camp. Camp is a blast and there are so many different offerings for teenagers these days. Space and science camps, overnight fun camps, scout camps, etc. There are plenty to pick from at any given location. There are day camps for kids and teens in local communities and community recreation departments usually run summer day fun for local residents as well.

Working at a part-time job. There are tons of lessons to be learned by working your first job. Finding summer employment can be very beneficial to a teen and will instill quite a bit of maturity. There are pros and cons of working for teenagers. One of the biggest pros is the subject of this article, it will keep your teen active over the summer. The money in their pocket is just an added bonus.

Volunteering for a local organization. There are plenty of local organizations who look for extra help in the summer. Kids camps and daycare centers need more hands during the summer months that they use local teens for. The library may have a need and the hospital can always use an extra hand. Just don’t wait until the last minute to find volunteer opportunities, start looking during the school year to ensure you and your teen find something by summer.

Working on chores and tasks at home. While you teenager has their normal list of chores that need to be completed either daily or weekly, there are things that can be done around the house – or in their own rooms – that are seasonal. I am sure you can think of things that your teenager is capable of doing that you do not have the time to complete. They do have the time, so make them a list. Want a good example? Pull the furniture away from the walls and clean baseboards. One room each week until the house is done. Offer to help move the furniture the night before they are cleaning that room. Or they can help organize the garage and have a garage sale. Cabinets are closets need cleaned out? There really are endless possibilities.

One word of caution: Do not get stuck by picking one of these activities over another. As parent you need to offer choices to your teen. Your goal is to get them more active over the summer months, instead of having too much time where they could find trouble. At this point your teen will need to make their own choices as to which of the activities they wish to get involved in.

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