A Genetic Link for Fainting Found

NBC news is reporting on a new study that says fainting runs in families. The study by Dr. Sam Berkovic was published in the journal Neurology, finds that fainting may be genetic. Further, it showed that for some families only one gene is the cause. The article explains the type of fainting studied:

“People who suffer from vasovagal syncope faint after encountering a trigger, which can be something like seeing blood, being dehydrated, feeling stress, or experiencing pain. While losing consciousness feels scary, vasovagal syncope is normally harmless. But Berkovic believes that understanding why people swoon might mean researchers can someday prevent them, saving fainters from accidents—and embarrassment.”

The numbers of how many families that were studied are all in the article, but one thing came out of the study that was surprising to the researchers, and I thought was interesting: family members faint for different triggers. So, if you faint at the sight of blood your child may faint because of pain. This interests me because it explains why my husband will faint at the sight of blood and my daughter has fainted when she is in a lot pain. What do you think of the study? Does fainting run in your family? Share your thoughts, experiences and opinions in the comments area below.

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