preschooler is defined as a child between the ages of 3 and 5. Children at the preschool level are making huge strides in large motor skills, growth, social development, fine motor skills, language development and so much more.

Potty Training While some kids learn to go to the bathroom when they are toddlers, potty training at the age of 3 is perfectly acceptable. All kids continue to learn the fine art of knowing when they should go to the potty and keeping themselves clean through the preschool years.

Independent Behavior Skills It is all about become independent when you are a preschooler. Parents will hear, “I can do it.” often and with conviction – even if they can’t do it yet. This is a time of trial and error for them and parents can feel frustrated as well to the point that they want to help and take over the activity. You will need all the patience you can muster to allow your child to try, over and over again.

Discipline May parents agree that the terrible-twos leading into the I-want-to-do-it-terrible-threes are a time of seeking out ways to handle their little ones hard to handle behavior. While discipline may have been something you would not of thought of in the not-so-distant-past with your sweet baby, now is the time to learn how or you may feel like you are going to pull out all of your hair.

Social Growth How to be a person that can share, has empathy and can make friends is on the list of things preschoolers learn do at this age, with your help and the help of the people around them.

Intellectual Growth While toddlers tackle learning everyday activities like talking and walking, preschoolers are ready to have fun learning numbers, vocabulary, songs and more.

Other Ages and Stages:

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