Preteen or Tween

Preteens, also referred to as Tweens, are prepubescent 9- through 12-year-olds. Parenting a preteen is more than just a preview of things to come, as tweens have developmental issues to deal with before they even get to the teen years.

Physical Development One word: Puberty! Here it comes and it doesn’t matter whether your tween will be an early or a late bloomer, you’ll be dealing with puberty issues. Boys and girls have special physical signs of the beginnings of their development into their adult bodies. Learning about them and helping your tween understand the normal changes they will be going through will help make this big change easier.

Social Development Socially, your tween is working on becoming an active part of their peer group. Finding where they fit in and who they fit with – and it has only begun. This will continue through adolescence A wise woman said to me once, that at this time, parents may not be able to pick their kid’s friends, but they can pick the pond where their kids are fishing for friends.

Intellectual Development While yesterday everything was black and white, today the preteen can see many different shades of gray. The like to debate, mysteries take on a new meaning and puzzles are fun. This is the time where favorite hobbies are developed. Also, preteens wonder about everything and you may find them reading about tough issues with quite a bit of interest. Hence, the reason many 5th and 6th-grade classes read the Diary of Anne Frank.

Safety Issues Preteens are chugging down their independence railway and they don’t see the train coming head on. They simply do not believe that something wrong can happen, which is why they need their parent to be on the watch for them by setting fair and firm limits and rules.

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