School Age Children

School age children are defined a the group of children between the ages of 5 and 11. This age group becomes more independent of their parents, learns to be alone in the outside world and continues to grow at a rapid rate. Preteens and teens are often referred to as middle school age and high school age as well.

Physical Development Growing up with strong and healthy muscles is a main goal for this age group when it comes to physical development. Sports and active play with help. This age group still have physical milestones used as benchmark, even though the age a child reaches a milestone varies.

Social Development Learning manners, how to be part of a group, how to deal with someone in authority who is not their parent and how to act with friends are all social development lessons of a school age child. Your child will strive in some areas and need help in others. One of the biggest pitfalls parents will find themselves in during this stage is ‘fixing it’ for the child, so the child never learns the lesson.

Intellectual Development School age children are capable of learning and often do, despite the educational system that may be hindering them. Parents can do a lot to encourage their child to develop their willingness to learn. Give your kids strategies to circumvent the overcrowded classrooms and peers who present problems for their teachers, and get into the fun lessons being taught.

Safety Issues As our kids get older and go out into the world, safety becomes more about outside of your home issues – although there are new ones to worry about at home as well. Stranger danger, school bullies, riding their bikes in the road are all safety issues that your school aged child will face – independently.

Other Ages and Stages:

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