Teens, or teenagers, are children above the age of 13-years-old. Young adults under the age of 20 are also considered teenagers, albeit older teens. During the teen years, also called adolescence, your child will grow to become an adult. Your job as a parent at this time is to guide this young person into an adulthood where they can succeed. No small task, but you’ve been working up to this since this child was a baby.

Physical Development During their physical development you will start to see their adult body take form. This is not just the start of puberty, but they will also develop their adult frame.

Social Development Peers, best friends and dating – oh my! There is so much work for a teenager on the social stage. It falls to the parent to use a watchful eye, advise and set limits on these teen issues. Not an easy task, but one that will help your teen grow.

Intellectual Development School can be a place of learning for some teens, and/or a social hang out. You will want to find ways to keep your teen active in learning and enjoying what they are learning. Teens will also be learning life skills – anything from doing the laundry to driving. As their parent, you can put your teen’s life skills and abilities to work for their positive growth.

Discipline Disciplining a teen is like walking a tight-rope. One one hand, you can’t let them break the law or do things that hurt themselves or others, but on the other hand, you want them to learn how not to do things things as independently as possible. Parents, you will step off the rope and stumble – so will your teen. Mistakes will be made. One of the most important components of disciplining teens is being able to fall back and regroup.

Other Ages and Stages:

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