A toddler is defined as a child between the ages of 1 and 3. It is a time when children learn how to do the the things we adults take for granted – walking, talking, potty training, feeding ourselves, etc. They have a lot to learn in those couple of years! Parents will find that lots of patience and encouragement will help their child strive to try these new behaviors and pick themselves up when they fall.

Learning to Walk As your toddler approaches the end of their first year, they will start pulling themselves up to stand. Watch closely! Soon they will be taking their first steps and you will want to see it. Then you will get into using walkers, moving sharp edged tables and following around your little one as they toddle around the house, not wanting to stop them but worried they will fall.

Learning to Talk Using and understanding language is a huge lesson that toddlers are expected to learn. Talking and reading out loud to your child will help them with vocabulary building and how to use expressions.

Potty Training Looking for signs of readiness in your toddler? Great! When they start showing those signs, be ready to start potty training. Even before you may want to jot down your toddler’s potty schedule. When do they normally poop? Or when do you find that they are the most wet? Learning to go to the potty will be a two-man job – with you being the experienced supervisor. It may be touch and go, at times, but all kids learn how to go potty.

Growth While your toddler is not growing as fast as they were when they were and infant, the race is still on and you will be astounded by how quickly they sprout up.

Other Ages and Stages:

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