Young Adult

A young adult is defined as being between the ages of 17 to 21. But you will be the parent of this person for the rest of your lives – and they will always be your child. But parenting a grown child will be different for each child you have. One may get married out of high school have children and be very independent. Another may go to college and not truly have to deal with the real world until they are 21 or 22 years of age – longer if they go to grad school. Through all of this, your job as a parent is to advise and let go. Your relationship with your adult child will change, as your job goes from overseer to adviser. It will feel strange at first, you may feel some pangs of feelings because of the empty nest, but it will get easier.

After High School What are your young adult’s plans for their future? Do they have some realistic ideas or are they floating along waiting for something to strike their fancy?

When Your Child Moves Out Boxes packed – check! First month’s rent – check! TP – check! Out the door they go, starting a new life, ready for a new adventure! So why is their closet still filled with all of their stuff? They still want you to hang on to their childhood for them. When your young adult moves out for the first time, it will be a transition – for both of you.

Health and Safety Issues Health insurance now covers our unemployed young adults, we need to advise them how to obtain a doctor and share our health records with them, and as parents, we are still allowed to bring fresh fruits to their apartments hoping their will eat something nutritional.

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