In the book, Parenting Without Power Struggles, parents will find actionable suggestions that are doable today. The author, Susan Stiffelman, will give you a new perspective into what is really going on between you and your children when faced with a dissenting issue like homework or meltdowns. Then, she goes one step further and gives parents insight into how you can help your child face and overcome power struggles in school and life through resilience and a strong family bond.

While I don’t always agree with every piece of advice she gives, I understand her goals in giving it. And I do agree with a lot of the practical parenting tips and logical council in this book.

The Bottom Line

I highly recommend it to parents who are striving to raise successful kids. But I also suggest to all parents that all of the advice in the book may not fit your parenting journey. As with all parenting advice, learn what you can while you pick and choose what fits best with you and your family.

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Key Highlights of the Book

  • The book is written in a conversational style that feels like you are getting advice from a knowledgeable friend. You will not feel like you are being talked down to if you are not currently following or do not totally agree with the book’s advice.
  • Practical and usable advice can be found in each chapter. You could literally read one chapter and find a tidbit of parenting guidance that you may not have thought of before and be using it the minute you put the book down.
  • Be prepared to take a good look at your own thoughts and feelings about you as an individual as well as your parenting. The advice in this book will empower you as much as it seeks to empower your parenting skills.
  • The book has an easy to read layout, with a ‘get right to the meat of the matter’ style. Includes checklists at the end for those parents who prefer to read what they want to address with their kids first.
  • Communication is key in your relationship with your children and this book will empower parents to build and use their communication skills in a way that leads to successful outcomes from their power struggles.
  • Susan Stiffelman, licensed therapist gives parents real grasp of the valuable psychological concepts that will help them parent children of any age. She is also a credentialed teacher. But to me, the fact that she is a successful parent is what gives this book as much credibility as it has.

From the Book Description

Do you ever find yourself asking …

  • How can you get your children to do their homework without meltdowns, threats or bribes?
  • How can you have a drama-free morning where the kids actually get out the door in time for school?
  • How can you better manage your kids’ screen time without making them want to hide what they’re doing from you?

Family therapist Susan Stiffelman is here to help. While most parenting programs are designed to coerce kids to change, Parenting Without Power Struggles does something innovative, showing you how to come alongside your children to awaken their natural instincts to cooperate, rather than at them with threats or bribes, which inevitably fuels their resistance. By staying calm and being the confident “Captain of the ship” your child needs, you will learn how to parent from a place of strong, durable connection, and you’ll be better able to help your kids navigate the challenging moments of growing up.

Buy Parenting Without Power Struggles on Amazon

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