Something for everyone! Avi is a prolific writer of children’s books for many ages, in a variety of genres. Everything from full-length novels for teens, to short stories and even picture books. His novels span picture books, early readers, historical books, magic, fantasy, mystery, realistic fiction, and even a few ghost stories. Additionally, they are all engaging and involved enough to keep even us parents eager to read the next chapter! Read the novels a chapter or two at time for bedtime stories. Many of the plot lines will interest children who are too young to read the text themselves. You can also read these books simultaneously with your children and have family book club discussions.

Perloo the Bold
This is a fantasy tale about a quiet, studious Montmer (a rabbit-like creature), Perloo, and his unwilling adventure into political intrigue. Can he avoid a battle between the Montmers and the Felbarts? Although the reading level is almost 6th grade, I read it as a bedtime story for my children when they were in 2nd – 8th grades.

Nothing But the Truth
Philip is a young man who pushes the school’s rules on patriotism, freedom, and respect when he hums during the daily recording of the national anthem. A national spotlight highlights the controversy and will spark discussions in your family. This book will captivate your middle and high school children. (Younger children may not understand the nuances.) Read this one as a family book club.

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
In this historical novel, Charlotte, a young teen, gives an account as the sole passenger of her ship voyage in 1832 when she is accused of murder. This vivid high-seas adventure is wonderful for children from 3rd to 8th grade. Girls especially will enjoy this young woman’s coming of age tale of adventure, while boys will eagerly read for the descriptions of life on the high-seas. Children in 5th grade or older can read it independently, while younger children would enjoy it as a family read aloud.