Fettuccine with Fish Eyes and Guts Halloween Recipe for Kids

fish eyes halloween recipe for kids

Yummy, fish eyes and let’s not forget the guts. Nothing goes better with fish eyes and guts in a red sauce then Fettuccine, right? I agree! Okay this is a simple recipe for those families who have children who like clams – some of us do in this family. The recipes is very tasty and … Read moreFettuccine with Fish Eyes and Guts Halloween Recipe for Kids

Tossed Halloween Salad Halloween Recipes for Kids

I have to admit, my family’s favorite veggies are tossed salads. They have never turned up their nose at any vegetable that they could douse in dressing. My little one, though, will pick out the onions before she eats it and my middle dd wikl eat around the black olives, but for the most part … Read moreTossed Halloween Salad Halloween Recipes for Kids

Halloween Travel Destinations for Families

Family fun time turns into family fright time during the month of October as Halloween events and festivals abound around. If you family enjoys a little frightful delight, some ghoulish activities and family travel, here are the top scary destinations and Halloween events around the United States for you and your kids to enjoy. Disney … Read moreHalloween Travel Destinations for Families

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