Why do kids need routines?

kids routines good habits

Kids need routines because when they have them it helps them lead a successful life. Routines bring order to the chaos which is everyone’s to-do list. They help you remain calm and accomplish tasks. Therefore, it is beneficial for parents to teach this life skill to their children. It is also beneficial to model the … Read moreWhy do kids need routines?

How can I help my baby sleep through the night?

help baby sleep

Your baby is brand new to everything, including having a sleep schedule. Parents can help their infant get on a desired sleeping schedule that suits your sleeping needs as well by using the tips below: Start by giving your baby a bedtime routine. Decide what quiet activities would like to be part of their ‘go … Read moreHow can I help my baby sleep through the night?

How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need?

how much sleep does baby need

One of the most common questions new parents have is about their baby and sleep. It usually has something to do with a parent’s worry that their baby is not getting enough sleep or is not yet sleeping through the night. These are valid concerns. Newborn babies do not have much of a sleep pattern … Read moreHow Much Sleep Does My Baby Need?

Why do babies wake at night?

why do babies wake up at night

Babies wake at night because they have no idea or concept of nighttime. Your little darling mostly sleeps when they’re tired and wakes up when they’re not tired. This is because a baby’s circadian rhythm isn’t formed when they’re born, it takes time to develop. Karen Thomas, a professor at University of Washington who has … Read moreWhy do babies wake at night?

Organizing Your Family’s Morning Routine

morning routines tips for parents

What does having a good morning mean in your house? Does it mean it’s all good as long as everyone gets out the door semi-on-time? Or do you set higher goals, like having everyone’s teeth brushed and wearing clothes that match? If this sounds like the morning that’s happening in your home, read on and … Read moreOrganizing Your Family’s Morning Routine

Free Printable Chore Charts for Your Family

Need a chore chart for your kids, teens or family? Here I have listed many different options for you to pick out a favorite printable chore chart… and they are all freebies. I firmly believe in using the internet to create or find free things for families. You just cannot beat the printables you can … Read moreFree Printable Chore Charts for Your Family

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