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Useful Rules for Successful Parents: Dealing with Hitting

When children are angry and frustrated they sometimes turn to hitting in order to take matters into their own hands and produce the outcome they desire. But hitting is not a behavior that can be condoned in any instance. Parents need to convey to their children that violence is never the answer to a problem. […]

Book Review: Parenting Without Power Struggles

In the book, Parenting Without Power Struggles, parents will find actionable suggestions that are doable today. The author, Susan Stiffelman, will give you a new perspective into what is really going on between you and your children when faced with a dissenting issue like homework or meltdowns. Then, she goes one step further and gives […]

Teens and Cell Phones: Set the Rules for Cell Phone Use

Cell phones are more than just a phone to a teenager. They are their link to the friends, status, and world. They use them to connect with friends, read, do homework, shop, play games, find out what time practice is, talk to their sibling at college, etc. To parents, it seems like there is really […]

Teach Your Child To Be Grateful

Thankfulness Has Its Perks Children who recognize what they have and are grateful for it are more satisfied, optimistic and happier. They have better attitudes toward their family and school. Plus, knowing how to be grateful and show their thankfulness provides a greater understanding and sensitivity of the people around them and their relationships to […]

Mom Asks for Advice on Dating 16-Year-Old Boy

A concerned mom asks: “I need some advice as to teenage dating for my 16 year old. I know you probably have something written somewhere. I would like to help him with this but not tell him I’m helping him if you know what I mean. He doesn’t want to talk to his parents about […]

So your tween wants to date, huh?

Dating has different meanings for different ages of teenagers. For tweens, it means learning to understand the rules of relationships, curiosity and dealing with peers. While this can be a trying time for parents, especially if the topic of dating comes up unexpectedly, it is a normal aspect of today’s teen social development. No, that […]

Useful Rules for Successful Parents: Kids and Stealing

One bad behavior parents have a very hard time dealing with is stealing. That’s because in society, stealing is a crime and we don’t like to think of our children as little criminals. Well, I’m here to tell you that they are not criminals, but you are right to think that stealing is a very […]

Why Do Toddlers Steal and What Parents Can Do

When a toddler takes something that does not belong to them, they don’t see it as taking something ‘that does not belong to them‘. As far as they are concerned, everything belongs to them. Therefore, when your toddlers takes a piece of candy out of the bin at the grocery store and you find them […]

Useful Rules for Successful Parents: Dealing with Bossy Children

Assertive children have many good attributes that when developed with cooperative strategies can lead to excellent leadership qualities. But if assertive children are allowed to use their traits to ‘be the boss’ of those around them, they end up with a poor sense of self and peers who do not trust them. Not to mention […]