Dads in Jail to Get Free Parenting Class, Do You Think It Will Help?

I was looking through my news alerts and came across a local TV Station that covered a parenting class being given to 30 dads who are current incarcerated in the Monroe County Jail – which is located in Tennessee. (Link to the Video / Article) The dads will get three, 3-hour parenting classes once a week :/ hmmm… Does anyone else see a problem with this type of program? While I’d like to commend those who are trying to help the kids who are in this situation, the sheriff in the video has his goals in the right place, I know that it can take a lot more than three 3-hour classes to help parents who are motivated to parent and tried their best everyday with their kids. I know we can all think of a bad parenting habit that would take more than a class for us the fix. And couldn’t something like this be a little dangerous? If a father gets out of jail and gets a pass to take his kids out of foster care because he took this class, well, that would put me on edge. Not that I don’t believe in rehabilitation. I simply don’t believe that this class has the capability to to teach a lifetime of lessons in its short timespan. Share your thoughts by weighing in on the poll or posting a comment below.

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