Five Things Pets Teach Kids

Five Things Pets Teach Kids

A pet is a worthwhile addition to a family. Kids can glean a lot of life experiences from a family pet that needs love and daily care. Besides, furry friends create special bonds in a family.

What type of pet doesn’t really matter when it comes to learning lessons of responsibility for kids. So, if you aren’t sure your child is ready for a dog, start with an animal that is smaller and easier like a hamster or Guinea pig.

Here are a three lessons a family pet can teach your child:

    • Pets teach responsibility. As long as you have pets, you have pet needs. Pets need to be exercised, feed and cleaned up after. You child will be able to help with these chores and as he grows older he should be able to do at least some of the chores on his own.
    • Pets show and need unconditional love. Make no mistake, your family pet will teach your child that love is a verb. Your child will be learning about what it is to love something, in this case their pet, and to be loved back. A feel-good life lesson.
    • Pets will teach your child that the center of the universe does not surround him. When your family pet wants attention, your child will have to learn to give it. He will also need to allow you to give the pet some time and attention.
    • Pets show children how to be friends and a little about loyalty. There is give and take with a pet, as there are with human friends. Children who have pets learn that lesson well and adjust to friendships well.
    • Pets teach children about the life cycle and death. Pets age much faster than humans, learning about taking care of an older pet or grieving is a life lesson that is learned best when felt.

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