You can help your kids be fit by getting them in the habit of enjoying activities that get them moving. The best way is to model this behavior, which won’t be hard. Kids and adults enjoy having fun playing together. So here are some ideas for active ways to play with your kids:

Go to the park. Parks are full of fun things to do like swing, jungle gyms, and just open space to run and play. Bring a frisbee or kickball and make use of all that open space. Check out the park before you go and see what supplies you can get there. For instance, if they have a basketball court, see if they have basketballs to sign out. If not, bring your own.

Ride your bikes. There is nothing like going for a bike ride – it is such an adventure! Plan out the trip and go over bike safety tips with your kids before you go, be clear about the rules. Checked over each bike making sure the chain is on correctly and the brakes work. They go explore the neighborhood and stay fit while you do.

Go hiking. Look in your local area for rail trails or other fun areas hike. Pack a backpack and take plenty of water. Bring a camera or sketchpad and take pictures or sketch things that you see. You can even create a scavenger hunt for your child of things they can take pictures of or make it simple and use the alphabet. For instance, A is for acorn, B is for brown mud and C is for clouds. For you know it, you and your kids will have had plenty of exercise and enjoyed the time together.

Have a dance party. Is it a rainy day? Or do your kids just love to dance? A dance party is easy to set up. Just moved back the furniture and turn up the tunes! Or you can get really fancy and dressed up for the occasion first. It doesn’t matter what you’re dancing in as dancing is a great way to keep fit.

Play a backyard ballgame. Ballgames are always fun and you can incorporate other kids in the neighborhood into your game. This is a great way it’s know your neighbors and have your kids learn some social skills like teamwork and fair competition. Put together a simple kickball game for all age kids or try volleyball for older children. If you’re the only adult playing, offer to always be the pitcher for both teams to keep everything fair. Your kids will love having so much fun in their own backyard and everyone will benefit from the exercise. Not to mention, everyone will be getting a good night’s sleep.

Outdoor games will keep your kids active.
Red Rover Red Rover, Hopscotch and Kick the Can are all examples of fun and active outdoor games kids love to play. They will enjoy it one hundred times more when you play along. So get a group of kids ready to play and go for it!

Kids exercise videos or Wii Fit games are great ways to stay active when you have to stay indoors. There are so many different kinds of videos and games to play that you should be able to find something your entire family will enjoy doing. Do the moves with your kids and have fun with it. Remember to relax and laugh, this is a stress reducing activity.

I hope you were able to get some active play ideas for you and your kids. Please share in the comments below some of your family activity ideas and playtime favorites with us. Thanks!