Glow  Dance Party for Teens and Tweens

Glow Dance Party for Teens and Tweens

Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Kids

Does your tween or teen like to dance? Do they have friends who enjoy getting down to the music? Do you have the space and the means to provide the music? Are they into black lights and the glow in the dark craze? Then, this is an excellent party theme idea for you! Read on to our list of tips on decorating, food items and activities.

Getting Started Tips for the Glow Dance Party Theme

Have your teens get together with their friends and make a music set list for the party. Have them include new and popular music, slow music and fun dance music. Give the music list to the DJ you have hired a week in advance. If you are providing your own music, start gathering it and add to the list where it can be found. For instance: ‘All the Single Ladies, on Mom’s Ipod’. Then be sure you have the equipment to play the songs you wish. Or create a music list on your computer and hook up the speakers to it so you can just press play and it will automatically go through the songs.

You’ll need to decide on a location to hold the dance party. There should be a floor that is easy to dance on at this location and enough room for dancers and those who want to get around the dance floor(aka you coming and going with supplies).

Provide strobe lighting and black lights so the kids light up and look funky. This especially impresses tweens and teens. So much so that you may want to remind guests that wearing a little bit of white will look great with the black light. You can do this when they RSVP or you call them to confirm.

Minimal lights so people can see in the areas leading to the bathrooms and the food table. Strands of white Christmas lights usually work well for this purpose.

As the guests arrive, give them a favor bag with glow sticks, glow necklaces and bracelets to wear around the party and on the black lighted Dance floor.

Either with black paper or material or heavy curtains, block out all of the light where the dance floor will be. Black art paper roll can be found at art or teacher stores in your area.

Gaffer tape is UV-reactive, as it is used in theater and play productions. It comes in different width sizes. and is perfect for decorating different areas of your glow party.

Using highlighters and a white poster board set up a sign in sheet at the door of the party. Title it “Leave a Glowing Message for the Party Girl/Boy”, be sure to put this in a place that everyone can see what is being written to ward off and smart-allicky remarks.

Test your black light bulbs at least a week before the party to see if they light the room the way you expect them to, as you do not want to be disappointed the night of the party because you needed more.

Currently this is a popular theme among teens, so there are a lot of makeup items available in the ‘glow in the dark’ type. Look around where you pick up makeup and get some nail polish, lip gloss or eye shadow pencils that will glow. Offer a makeup station or put some in the favor bags.

Food Tips for the Glow Dance Party Theme

Neon frosting on cupcakes make a cute and yummy food for the party.

If you add tonic water to jello or a punch, it glows. so change your recipes a bit to get a glowing effect.

Rent a cotton candy machine and use a glow stick to gather the candy around, so it lights up.

Decoration Tips for the Glow Dance Party Theme

Decorate the food table with a black table cloth. Tape around the edge with Gaffer tape, so the guests know where the table ends. This will keep your guests from spilling.

Look for balloons to decorate the dance floor and other areas of your party place. Be sure that they are UV-reactive balloons and not just neon ones, which means you will have to visit a party center for this party supply and ask specifically for this type of balloon.

Using the Gaffer tape, spell out different words on the walls of the dance floor, close to the ceiling.

Your guests are going to be part of the decorations as you are going to try and light them up as much as possible with glow items.

Hand out glow rings, glow necklaces, glow in the dark tattoos, glasses, fiber optic hair barrettes and bracelets all throughout the party. Glow sticks are fun too!

Use white cake plates and platters for the food table and simple white paper plates will light up in black lights, so use them to serve.

Activities Tips for the Glow Dance Party Theme

  • Dancing!
  • Have a dance contest. Give out awards for Best Dancer, Best Couple, Best Dance Move or make them silly, like ‘Craziest Dance Move’ or ‘Cutest Wall Flower’.
  • Face painting with neon face paint sticks or glow in the dark body paint.
  • Scavenger hunt of a bunch of glow-y things. The winner is the first one wearing all of them at once.

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