Halloween Cheese Burger Halloween Recipes for Kids

Another simple meal item that you can serve in the week before Halloween. It makes for a quick dinner, if you are in a rush to meet up with family or friends on Halloween night. It also makes a super easy lunch item for kids at school or preschool. Or a fun idea for a meal item at a Halloween party – whether its kids or teens they will like this. What I like about it is there is not extra time to prepare, if you are making cheese burgers, this only takes about 10 seconds more. Simply a cut out. I found that the pumpkin fits best on a burger and doesn’t waste cheese as you can use ti for melting on a veggie or just let them eat it 😉

Halloween recipes cheeseburger fun for kids

Ingredients and Tools:

  • Pumpkin cookie cutter(ghost works too)
  • Slice orange cheese
  • Cheese burgers cooked to taste on a bun


  1. Make the hamburger the way you normally would.
  2. Cut out pumpkins from the cheese.
  3. Place hot hamburger on the pun and place pumpkin cheese on top.
  4. Allow to melt a little bit and serve.

Halloween recipes hambuger fun for kids

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