How can I help my baby sleep through the night?

How can I help my baby sleep through the night?

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Your baby is brand new to everything, including having a sleep schedule. Parents can help their infant get on a desired sleeping schedule that suits your sleeping needs as well by using the tips below:

Start by giving your baby a bedtime routine. Decide what quiet activities would like to be part of their ‘go to sleep at night’ routine. A soothing bath, a bedtime story or singing your child a lullaby are all quiet activities that parents use as part of their babies nighttime routines that help them go to sleep. Choose wisely as this could be the routine your baby will live with throughout their childhood.

Allow your baby to fall asleep in their crib instead of rocking them to sleep at night. Getting your baby in the habit of falling asleep on their own will help immensely when your baby wakes up at night. Wait until your baby is sleepy, then lay them down for the night.

Keep nighttime feedings low-key. If your baby wakes up at night to feed, use a soft light like a nightlight to do the feeding. Keep the room quiet and try not to play games or coo at your baby. The less stimulated your baby is at this time the easier it will be for them to go back to sleep. Lay your baby down after you’re done eating to allow them to fall asleep on their own.

Be sure your baby is not hungry or overly fed right before bedtime. This will keep them from waking up right away because of indigestion or being hungry.

Don’t hover. If you continually check to see if the baby has fallen asleep, they will learn to stay awake and look for you.

On the same note, don’t run to the crib the second you hear a noise. Your baby may wake up and be able to fall back to sleep on their own, if only you will let them. Check on the baby when you know them to be in distress, otherwise allow them to work it out on their own.
Give your baby some time to get comfortable and fall asleep. If they are crying, wait a few minutes, go in soothe your baby without picking them up. Then try again.

Remember that a sleep schedule is part of the daily schedule that you are trying to establish for your baby. As babies grow, they have more awake time and become more active during that time. If your baby has slept most of the day, it will be harder for them to sleep at night. So, keep your baby active during their awake times and help them have a daily schedule that will allow them to be sleepy at night.

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