This question always shows up in a keyword file during the summer. People wonder about summer school because it is not a popular topic, so no one wants to talk about it. Parents are left to wonder how it is going to help their children and kids are wondering if they’re going to be in school-jail all summer long.

The Basics of Summer School

When a child is unable to keep up with their classmates during the school year, they need extra help to reach the standards. It doesn’t matter why they didn’t reach the standards – deal with that as a separate issue – it only matters that they reach them before the next year begins. This is because the next set of standards is set on the foundation of the previous year’s standards.

For instance, if your third grade child is unable to group numbers by 2 to 10 and do multiplication or recognize patterns in numbers, they are really going to have a hard time in fourth grade math. So much so, that they may give up on learning math altogether. This would be a tragedy since summer school can help your child learn to group numbers, multiply and learn how to recognize patterns in numbers.

That simple example explains why this type of summer school exists. It is there to help your child get to a point where they won’t be behind all of the other children at the beginning of next school year.

 Are There Summer School Standards?

As each state has its own laws and regulations concerning schools, and each local school board also has its own rules and regulations, you can bet there are all kinds of standards. So many that there is no way to figure them out and list them here. But I can tell you where to find the standards your family is under. Simply call your school’s guidance counselor and request the information. Don’t allow this person to tell you over the phone, get it all down in writing. There is no way to remember everything you need to know as there will be different times for different classes, etc.

Summer school in some localities costs money. Parents have to pay per class that their child has to take. This is because school districts would otherwise not be able to afford to offer summer school and many school districts are not required to offer the classes. What happens if you don’t pay for it? Good question. That’s another thing to ask the guidance counselor as your child’s case is individualized.

What If My Child Fails Summer School?

When a child is unable to be proficient in standardized learning and has gone through summer school and is still not proficient in the subject they were studying, it’s time to take a real good look at what is going on with your child. They are obviously not enjoying their ability to learn, something is standing in their way. To not give up on them and find them some help to get to the root of the matter.

When a child fails summer school generally they’re kept back to repeat their last school year or in the school feels they have the ability to tutor and give the student extra help they are allowed to continue in the next school year. Either way, the child is still struggling with school. It is advantageous for the successful parents to find ways to help their child enjoy learning. When someone is introduced to the joy of learning something new, they have more of a willingness to learn and therefore develop a love of learning.

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