How Single or Dual Parenting Affects Early Brain Development

An article over on’s blog has some very interesting research and study facts. To start:

Extensive studies involving mice and rats showed that early life experiences could have profound effects on intellectual, emotional and social development. Negative parenting environments can affect the stress response in young pups, and make them hypervigilant to threats, while nurturing and supporting upbringing can instill resilience and novelty-seeking behaviors.

Tying the physical development of the brain with the behaviors that happen later in life is huge, to add what was happening in the child’s environment while the brain was developing and finding a coloration is really stepping it up. And I see this as a very good thing. Hopefully, we will get passed the negative Nellies that feel no one should even be brought up up a single parent and move on to finding out what single parents can add to their parenting tool box that will help their kids develop more resilience and less hypervigilant behaviors. Your thoughts on the article? Let us know in the comments area.

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