How to Get Your Child to Help with Chores

I tell my kids all the time, “No matter where you live, things need to get done around the house.” These tasks and chores should be shared with the family, including your children. But often it can feel like more of a chore to get your children to help. Here are some tips on how to make it easier on you and get them to help:

  • Offer choices. When you offer a choice of what chore to do, your child will feel more ownership of the chore and is more likely to do it with less complaint.
  • Give a reward when the chore is completed and meets your expectations. Either it can be made a part of his allowance or simple praise for getting it done right. Either way, you need to acknowledge that the chore is done.
  • Set a time limit. Be sure to make it clear to your child when the chore must be completed.
  • Set a consequence for the chore not being done by the time limit. Do this beforehand and follow through.
  • Do remind your child about the chore, but do not force your child to do it if they are coming close to the time limit. You’ll want to remind a child that is plainly forgetting to do a chore, but allow a child to make their own choices whether he wants to do the chore or take the consequence.
  • Get everyone involved. If you do a chore chart, list the whole family and their responsibilities. This helps your child feel a sense of belonging, which will help him get his chores done.

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