Men Glow Too – After the Baby Is Born

A long term study reported in the Journal of Gender Studies, found that men receive a boost of self-confidence after they have a baby. It makes them feel like a proud papa and it makes them feel more attractive. It is thought that this is the first study of this kind, normally studies focus on women after child birth. The data used for this study was actually taken from a wider study of relationship dynamics during the first two years of marriage. Their were 182 participants, couples that were newlywed adults. The average age of 24.6 for women, 26.3 for men, respectively and all of the participants had no previous children. Newlyweds were asked questions at three separate times during their marriage. Once in the very beginning, then at each of the next two anniversaries. In the case of the couples who did not have children, there was no bump in the feelings of attractiveness for the men like there was for the men who did. Two plausible reasons were given: a new baby serves as a social signal of masculinity or the attention a man gets when he is holding the new baby. I’m thinking it could be a combination of both, right? How do the dads out there feel about this? Did you feel more confident or more attractive after having your children? Please share in the comments! Related Resources:

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