A concerned mom asks: “I need some advice as to teenage dating for my 16 year old. I know you probably have something written somewhere. I would like to help him with this but not tell him I’m helping him if you know what I mean. He doesn’t want to talk to his parents about this and I respect that but would love to get hims some site or reading material so that he can find his way.”

Denise’s thoughts: “While I know that it is uncomfortable for teens to talk to their parents about dating and stuff, you still need to do it… he may not want to, who does? But explain it to him this way, if he is unwilling to talk now when he isn’t having a problem, how can you trust him to come to you if their is a problem. Let him know that you trust him and want to continue doing so, therefore open communication is a must. Tell him that you will respect his privacy as to his feelings, etc, but if he is planning on having sex, you will not be judgmental but you will be shoving condoms in his wallet and reminding him that they are there for a use. Whether that day is tomorrow or next year, don’t not talk to him about it.


Respect his opinions on the girls he wants to date, don’t ask why he likes someone, but never stop talking about the facts – even when he turns red.”

Asking our parenting community: What resources has your teen used? How much do you talk to your teen about dating? Please share your thoughts, advice and experiences in the comments area.