Organizing Your Family’s Morning Routine

Organizing Your Family’s Morning Routine

What does having a good morning mean in your house? Does it mean it’s all good as long as everyone gets out the door semi-on-time? Or do you set higher goals, like having everyone’s teeth brushed and wearing clothes that match? If this sounds like the morning that’s happening in your home, read on and pick up some tips to change your hectic mornings with your family and to and organize morning routine that will make your entire family’s day happier and healthier.

Note! Organizing your morning routine won’t be easy if you do it all at once, but adding a few changes here and there every week will have you and your family ready to face the day in no time.

Start organizing your family the night before. Right after homework is done pack their backpack with everything they need for the next day. This includes permission slips, gym clothes, completed homework, library books, etc. If homework time is after dinner, have your child help you make a lunch to have ready as well. When your child is old enough, around 9 to 12-years-old, hand the ‘making lunch’ chore off to them to complete.

Children can choose the clothing they will be wearing for the next day and place it where they can easily access it in the morning. If they are unsure about the next day’s weather, they can have more than one outfit ready to go.

Keep the pantry stocked with nutritious snacks and breakfast foods. When your child has something that’s good to eat and good for them right at hand this is what they’ll choose as a snack for school or to put in their lunch. The same goes for breakfast. It’s an added plus that having these foods right where your kids can find them keep your organized morning routine running smoothly.

Motivate your kids to be independent in the morning. Children who get themselves up out of bed in the morning to the tune of their own music are more ready to face the day than a child who you had to pull out from between their blankets. When you organize a family morning routine, everyone in the family has to get into their own routine. Your child’s morning routine should not involve you running around making their lives easier.

Get your kids to bed at a reasonable hour – and you too! How much sleep we get determines how awake we are in the morning; therefore they have a hand in how well your morning routine runs. If you find your family members a little too on the sleepy side in the morning, take a look at the family’s nighttime routine to see where any adjustments can be made.

Good moods in the morning make for a great start to the day. Organize your morning routine so that you are able to be calm and in a positive mood for your children. Get your work clothes ready the night before; know where your earrings, socks, etc. are. Get up earlier than your kids so that you are ready before they need to start. While you want them to do more and more on their own and to have as independent a morning routine as possible for their age, mornings will always go smoother if you are capable of helping them when they need it.

Place your breakfast foods and necessities out on the table before you go to bed. Unless something needs to be refrigerated, it can be out and ready to go. I got this tip from FlyLady .com – she has tons of useful organization tips you can use with your home and family.

Keep the calendar updated and check it every evening. A good time to update the calendar and check for the next day is right after homework time, when you’re checking your child’s planner. Since you’re already thinking about what is going on and when it’s going to happen, taking it one step further and adding things to the calendar or noting what is on the calendar will become a simple habit.

Make a morning task list or sticker chart using a free printable. This will help children understand what they need to get done in the order their tasks should be completed. As children grow developmentally need help to complete complex tasks and these lists will give them gentle reminders. It can also send a clear message of what you expect to be done in the morning by your preteen and teen.

Make reasonable morning routine rules. For instance, don’t add to the stress and chaos morning routines by allowing television viewing or video game playing in the morning. Even if your child is ready, getting them to stop playing and watching TV and go out the door becomes a fuss. Save these things after school or in the evening.

How do you keep your morning routine stress free for you and your kids? Do you have some simple tips that have worked for you? Please share your experiences and advice on organizing your family’s morning routine in the comments area below.

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