Parenting FAQ: Can my baby get stressed-out?

Parenting FAQ: Can my baby get stressed-out?

Believe it or not, your baby can get stressed out too. Bright lights or loud noises, being in a strange place, with strange people, not getting what they need are all things that can cause a baby to show signs of stress. Would you recognize the signs of stress a baby will give?

Here is a list of signs that your baby is stressed:

  • The baby will extend their arm out and splay fingers.

  • The baby will lift the arm up and salute you with the back of their hand on their forehead, sometimes pointing at you first. This can be mistaken for waving.

  • The baby will make a face, like frowning or grimacing.

  • The baby may grunt.

  • The baby will push away from you by arching back and neck.

  • The baby will cry.

  • The baby will look away from you and not look back for a long period of time.

  • The baby will become frantic, moving all limbs and crying. This is what is meant by flailing movements.

  • Or the baby may shut down and ignore the things stressing them.

  • Your baby may experience these symptoms: gagging, sneezing, yawning and Hiccups

Because babies are able to experience stress, parents should be aware of their baby’s signs by observing their baby over time and picking up on them as you go. If you have any further questions about whether or not your baby is stressed out, you should refer to your pediatrician.

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