Parenting Quiz: Do You Listen to Your Kids?

I bet it’s hard to think about something like listening in such a way that we, the parents, are responsible for doing it, instead of being responsible for getting our kids to do it. But that is what we need to remember, that the act of listening needs to come from us first. If you listen to what your kids are telling you, really use your active listening skills when they are needed and not just when you are done with everything else for the day, the communication between you and your child will actually work. You’ll be able to understand what your child needs from you, you’ll be able to give them clear messages and so much more. So, do yourself a favor and take this simple ten question quiz. The questions aren’t hard, but take time with each one and think about it before you answer. It will help you understand how well you listen when your child is speaking.

Good luck!

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