Parenting Skills

Skills, tools and everything else you’ll need to raise your child to be as successful as they were meant to be. As the old adage says, children do not come with manuals. And while parenting behaviors may be instinctual, everything is easier to do if you have the skills. successful parents strive to keep learning about parenting as their children grow. They see learning skills as an opportunity to grow themselves. As you begin to pick up new parenting skills you will find that you are enhancing your relationship with your child’s and your family as a whole. I know I have found so many positive outcomes that I hadn’t even thought about every time I learn something new. I want to caution you, however, not to try and fix everything at once. Find one skill that you can focus on until you feel comfortable with it and then move on to learning about a new skill.

Effective Discipline Effective discipline happens when parents are aware of the issues surrounding their child, the misbehaviors that have happened and the positive behaviors they are striving to see their kids do. It isn’t something that is learned overnight and it isn’t the same for each child you have. Learn more about it here.

Modeling Successful Behaviors Think of modeling successful behaviors simply as doing what you say or you’re going to do and being who you say you’re going to be for your children. The perfect way to describe the modeling concept is to say the old adage, ‘monkey see, monkey do’. Parents should keep in mind that the children are watching them and learning their habits – both good and bad. When you model successful behaviors your children learn successful behaviors. It’s really as simple as that.

Organizational Skills for Parents Whether you are a parent who works outside of the home or not, life with kids is a little chaotic – to put it mildly. Let’s face it, at times it gets downright crazy sometimes! So the more we can get organized and prepared for the crazy times, the easier parenting our children will be. On this page you will find articles and resources that will help you develop your organizational skills in a way that helps you to parent your children.

Talking to Your Kids It takes great skill to understand how to talk to your kids at any given moment.

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