Effective Discipline

Effective discipline happens when parents are aware of the issues surrounding their child, the misbehavior that have happened and the positive behaviors they are striving to see their kids do. It isn’t something that is learned overnight and it isn’t the same for each child you have. Learn more about it here.

Creating Effective Rules

Useful Rules for Successful Parents One of the main goals of parenting is to help your children develop self-discipline. This is done by setting rules and limits on the child’s behavior. Here you will find a list of articles on useful rules for successful parents, organized by behaviors that you may either want to curb, like cheating, or help your child develop, like manners.

Articles About Effective Discipline

How Do I Stop Spoiling My Child? In this day of everything being available at their finger tips, marketing being everywhere kids look and both parents working full time therefore not having as much time with their kids and more money to spend on them, there are more and more children being raising very permissively – and getting spoiled.

Disciplining Your Child: Using The Time Out Method Effectively Time-outs are more than a consequence, they allow a child to get control back and change the way they were behaving. If a child comes out of time out bent out of shape because of the punishment, then it was not used the way it is meant to be used. Learn more about it here.

Keep Yourself From Reinforcing Negative Behavior and Get Positive Behavior Outcomes To figure out strategies you can use to prevent reinforcing negative behavior and having to discipline your kids, we should look at the reasons your child is exhibiting the negative behavior. Here are the most common reasons kids do bad things.

Understanding Consequences and How They Work Consequences, by their nature, gauge our behavior because we as humans strive for positive consequences or we try our best to avoid negative outcomes and behaviors. Read more about consequences here.

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