Modeling Successful Behaviors

Think of modeling successful behaviors simply as doing what you say or you’re going to do and being who you say you’re going to be for your children. The perfect way to describe the modeling concept is to say the old adage, ‘monkey see, monkey do’. Parents should keep in mind that the children are watching them and learning their habits – both good and bad. When you model successful behaviors your children learn successful behaviors. It’s really as simple as that.

Articles About Modeling

How Do I Stop Spoiling My Child? Change the way you are acting. Are you modeling behavior that your child is mimicking? If you are not taking care of your responsibilities, you child is simply watching and learning from you.

Tips on Raising Responsible Children Allow preschoolers to do a bit more by assigning them a section to pick up or a certain type of toy, again modeling by picking up with them. When you are focusing on responsible behaviors with school age children…

Family Check-In Routines: When You Come Home You will also want to model this positive behavior for your kids. When you arrive home, find them, say hello or say good night if it’s late. Let them know that…

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