Psychology Today Shares How To Stay in Control

psychology today march 2013I love that Psychology Today posts so many great articles for parents to read online. I get so much information from their experts, I hope you will enjoy hearing about some of the articles I like over the next couple of years on this site – because I will be highlighting them in the news section. This article from Psychology Today, Preventing Mom Meltdowns and Dad Detonations, I feel is needed in today’s current climate. With out economy doing its best to pretend its not tanking and many parents being out of work or having to work for very little pay, it seems like it is all to easy to get frustrated, especially at our kids, who act like normal kids. In fact, the article points to what is normal and even I was surprised as to how much we need to correct our kids:

“Observational research tells us that toddlers can need correction as often as every six to nine minutes, and that about one out of every five interactions between preschool and toddler siblings involves intense negative emotions. Bigger kids can mean even bigger conflicts. No wonder parents sometimes feel like they’re at their breaking point!”

Do you do any of the proposed fixes when you are too angry with your children to cope. I have to admit, I defer when my kids get me to that point of no return. I hand it over to my husband and walk away. one of my biggest buttons is being late for curfew and not calling. I could be waiting for them 5 minutes before the time they are to be in, having a hard time staying awake, but 2 minutes after curfew I am wide awake – worrying. I can never get to sleep after that and wow, it makes me very angry :/ Please let me know what you think of the article in the comments section and share what sets you off.

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