School Stop Smoking Programs for Teens Seem to Work

School Stop Smoking Programs for Teens Seem to Work

A study, published with the Cochrane Collaboration, an international organization that evaluates medical research, took a look at a conglomeration of studies and research on high school and middle school based ‘stop smoking’ programs. It seems the programs that not only taught kids and teens about the health risks of smoking but also life skills like problem solving and decision making, worked the best. You know I always feel that hindsight is 20/20 when I read things like that… I think, “Well, of course….” Don’t you? Any class that just gives kids information and doesn’t show them how to use it isn’t worth its weight in salt, right? The article I read about the stop smoking study stated:

“the researchers found 134 studies, they focused on 49 that tracked about 142,000 students who never smoked before the programs began… Overall, the programs that taught students life skills and those that also showed them how to overcome social influences were linked to a reduction in the number of smokers after at least a year… the example that they would expect about 30 percent of any population to smoke. The program would be linked to a three percentage point decrease, which would bring the number of smokers to 27 percent of the group.”

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