Spaghetti and Eyeballs Halloween Recipe for Kids

If you have followed my sites over the years, you know that this is my all-time favorite kids recipe for a Halloween meal. It’s easy, it’s tasty, it fills them up for the spooky night ahead and the kids love it. Plus, my kids ask for it. I often make it now the night before, so we can try new things on Halloween night – I like to surprise them. The green olives actually add a wonderful ‘olive oil’ type of taste to the burger, it is very yummy. When you bake the meatballs – like mini round meatloaf – it keeps them set and the olive intact. I tried to bake with the sauce one year and it made the meatballs to soft, so bake them separate.

Halloween recipes, spaghetti and eyeballs, fun for kids


  • Spaghetti sauce; jar sauce is fine
  • Spaghetti; cooked
  • 1 lb. Hamburger
  • 1 Egg
  • Green olives stuffed with pimentos
  • 1/4 cup Bread crumbs
  • Oregano, garlic salt and pepper to taste


  1. Make 12 meatballs.
  2. Using your thumb make an indent into one meatball.
  3. Push in the olive into the indent.
  4. Place in a shallow baking dish. Make the rest of the meatballs.
  5. Cover dish and bake for 45 minutes a 350 degree F.
  6. Uncover and bake 15 more minutes.
  7. Add meatballs to hot sauce and stir gently.
  8. Serve on individual plates as shown in our picture.

Halloween recipes, spaghetti and eyeballs

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