Summer Activities for for Older Kids, Tweens and Teens

Summer is just around the corner, have you thought about what your kids and teens will be doing? While you’ll want to set up a daily routine for them, whether you are at work or at home, you will also want to offer fun and interesting things for them to do.

Make This:

Hawaiian Pizza Pizza, a favorite food of most teens, can be made many different ways. The Hawaiian pizza is a summer favorite of my teens. It is simple to put together and an excellent meal when served with a salad. Hawaiian Pizza Recipe

Learn How:

Grow tomatoes, hot peppers or a flower. It gives the soul a boost to grow something from a seed and nurture it. If your teen does not have access to a garden, give him a pot to grow something in this summer. Growing Great Tomatoes Growing Hot Peppers What to Grow in Your Flower Garden

Craft This:

A Decorative Flower Pot You can grow your own plant in your own room in a flower pot you decorated. Or use it to hold and organize some of your smaller stuff. Make a Polka Dot Pot Mosaic Flower Pot

Get Out and Go:

Visit a local park and picnic. Pack up a blanket, a Frisbee and some good food then head out to your local park. Relax, people watch, play games and talk with your teen. Valuable conversation happens when families take the time and do simple things together. Make This: Fresh Lemonade There is a lot of nutritious value in lemonade, plus it tastes really good. Another thirst quenching drink for summer that everyone should know how to make. Sure, the mix will work, but allow your teen to make these with real lemons. Homemade Peach Lemonade Best Lemonade Learn How: Organize your sock/underwear drawer. Teens have a lot of growth spurts and it is not uncommon for them to keep socks and underwear long past the time that they fit. This is the main reason why this drawer is always packed so full. Have your teen take the time this week to clean it out and organize it. Then mark the calendar to do it again in 6 months. Use the craft below to learn how to keep it organized. Get Out and Go: Go biking. Map out a place your teen can go that is a few miles from home. Once he has biked there, give his some freedom to spend some time away from you and then come home by a certain time. If you are uncomfortable allowing him to go alone, plan for him to take a friend. Not only will he be getting some exercise, he’ll be building his independence in a healthy manner. Craft This: A Sock Drawer Organizer The sock drawer is normally a cluttered place for a teen. You can help him keep it uncluttered by completing and using this craft. Make a Sock Organizer Make This: Fruit Kabobs Excellent snack for a picnic. Or your teen can choose to grill them and add them to your next backyard BBQ. Either way, fruit kabobs are nutritious, delicious and a worthwhile recipe to learn how to make. Simple Fruit Kabobs Grilled Pineapple Dessert Learn How: Do a load of laundry. Chores are not a lot of fun, but it is necessary that we learn how to do them correctly. Teens are old enough to do more complicated chores, like laundry. To start, I would allow him to wash just one type of laundry, like the towels. After he has completed that type of a laundry I would move on to sorting and washing colors and whites. Starting slow like this will help keep the mistakes to a minimum. Get Out and Go: See a local baseball or softball game. Seeing a ball game doesn’t have to put a big hit on the pocketbook. Local games are usually free, except for the soft pretzel your teen may want you to purchase for them. Craft This: Hemp Bracelet or Anklet Anklets are a nice body embellishment for teenagers who enjoy wearing sandals. This beaded hemp anklet is easy to make and budget friendly. Make a Hemp Bracelet or Anklet Make This: Banana Split The traditional banana split recipe is a standard in teaching teens about food. No teen should have to grow up not knowing this important piece of their American heritage. According to the history of the banana split, it gained its popularity through students(teens) word of mouth advertising back in 1907. Make a Banana Split Learn How: Do the cha-cha slide. This fun party dance is today’s youth line dance craze. While you may get tired of the song, the dance will always be fun to do. How To Cha-Cha Slide Get Out and Go: Plan a pool party. This will take a bit more time and effort then just taking a hike, but it will make great memories that your teen will talk about for weeks. For more resources on planning this type of party, see our Pool Party Planner. Craft This: Sunglasses Case Sunglasses need to be kept nice for a full summer. Protect your pair by making this sunglasses case. Simple craft to make with budget friendly supplies. Sunglasses Case Make This: Flavored Sun Tea A summer time favorite recipe that can be changed up by simply adding a different kind of tea. Start a batch this morning and serve it with dinner. Make Sun Tea Learn How: Save water. Our teens are living in a greener world. They are learning more and more about conservation and they are digging it. Here are some easy tips to save water that your teen can help your family use. Get Out and Go: Play a game or two of mini golf. Pin a group of parents against a group of teens for a little competition fun. You could also collect different mini golf scorecards throughout the summer, highlighting the champion of your household. Craft This: Water Bottle Holder Water is important to take on outdoor events and hikes. Keeping hydrated is not something your teen is going to worry about without reminders from you. Water bottle holders help teens carry their water bottle and when they carry it they remember to drink more often. Paracord Water Bottle Holder Tutorial

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