Are you ready to have your children home for the summer? As parents, we all know that our children are ready to be home to enjoy the summer sunshine and the time away from school. But it doesn’t take long for boredom to set it if you don’t have activities planned out and ready for them. So is the manager of your household, you can breathe a sigh of relief because I have a list of books that will help you provide the best summer your kids have ever had.

The following list of books is for fun summer activities. Here is the list of books and workbooks that provide school related activities for kids: Summer Learning Workbooks for Kids. But while these books are for fun summer activities kids will learn from them.

summer games for kids bookThe Kids Summer Games Book: Official Book of Games to Play (Family Fun)
Book Description: This fully illustrated book in the Family Fun series is packed with more than 150 games and activities for all year round. For indoor and outdoor fun, kids can choose something to do on their own or with friends and family. A book to be used for years to come. Find out how to * organize your own Olympics * set up an outdoor scavenger hunt * play charades * juggle * and much more!


summer handbook activities kids bookThe Kids’ Summer Handbook
Book Description: Offering more than 100 activities for vacations spent near the water, in the mountains, at a cottage, or camping, this is the complete summer survival book. Filled with safety tips, ecological pointers, and wildlife features, this handbook can help transform an ordinary vacation into an unforgettable one.


summer fun kids bookSummer Fun!: 60 Activities for a Kid-Perfect Summer (Williamson Kids Can Books)
Book Description: Suggests a variety of activities for summertime, including nature study, cooking, crafts, games, creative activities, and more.


summer survival fun kids bookThe Family Manager’s Guide To Summer Survival: Make the Most of Summer Vacation with Fun Family Activities, Games, and More!
Book Description: Summer vacation can be a wonderful bonding time for parents and their kids… if it’s done right! In The Family Manager’s Guide to Summer Survival, best-selling author Kathy Peel shows you how to make the most of the summer months with activities, learning experiences, trips, and more. Plus, she’ll show you the top ten ways to answer the cries of “I’m bored!” with creative activities that teach children skills and values.

The ultimate guide to surviving school vacation for both working and stay-at-home moms, this book will help parents give their kids summers to remember!

summer bucket list kids bookSummer Bucket List for Kids
Book Description: If you have a hard time helping your kids fill the hours in those long summer days, then this invaluable guide is exactly what you need. Full of fun, original, and thoughtful ideas—sure to use up your kids’ excess summertime energy in a positive, healthy way—this book is guaranteed to stop boredom in its tracks.


nature art kids bookNature’s Art Box: From t-shirts to twig baskets, 65 cool projects for crafty kids to make with natural materials you can find anywhere
Book Description: Whether it’s a city park, a suburban backyard, a farmer’s field, or the sandy seashore, there’s a treasure trove of natural art materials out there. Twigs, vines, pinecones, flowers, leaves, rocks, shells, moss, feathers – they’re all gifts of the earth. Add just a few inexpensive store-bought items, such as glue, string, and wire, and anyone can create beautiful, natural works of art.

In Nature’s Art Box, writer, gardener, and nature-crafter Laura Martin offers 65 fun projects kids will love to make, using materials they can find just about anywhere. She explains how to make paints and inks from flowers and other plants; how to use shells, moss, seedpods, and cones to embellish large objects; how to build elf-sized furniture; how to decorate picture frames, birdhouses, and keepsake boxes with woodland treasures; and how to dig clay, weave vines, and make natural dyes to color T-shirts.

While Martin teaches kids to see the possibilities of the natural world, she also teaches them to respect what the earth offers. She warns them against stripping bark off live trees, plucking every flower in the field, and clearing the ground of every nut and seed. Nature’s Art Box helps kids learn to be good artists and conscientious stewards of nature’s resources.

nature connection kids activity bookThe Nature Connection: An Outdoor Workbook for Kids, Families, and Classrooms
Book Description: Ever since Richard Louv diagnosed nature-deficit disorder in his classic book Last Child in the Woods, parents and teachers have been looking for more ways to connect children with the outdoors. Nationally recognized naturalist and artist Clare Walker Leslie has been igniting kids curiosity about nature for more than 30 years. Her unique approach combines directed observational activities with journaling and field-note prompts that are designed to nurture the next generation of nature lovers and environmentalists.

The Nature Connection is an interactive workbook chockfull of creative exercises for kids ages 8 to 13. Leslie begins simply by encouraging children to look out the window and record what they observe: What color is the sky? What shapes are the clouds? Are there any birds? What kind? Are there signs of what season it is?

Once outdoors, kids are prompted to record the sounds they hear, the ground plants they see, the direction of the wind, the shape and direction of their own shadows, and how each of these change from day to day, season to season.

The Nature Connection offers dozens of fun things to do during every season: write a poem; make a sketch; tell a story; record the daily sunrise and sunset times for the next month; draw a local map and mark the spots where trees, rocks, animals, and other nature sights reside (and identify each one); keep a moon journal; learn the constellations; or collect leaves and bring them home to sketch and identify.

Sure to engage the whole family in outdoor fun and year-round nature activities, The Nature Connection will also stand as a permanent record of a child’s unique sightings and experience with nature.

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