Teach Kids Organizational Skills by Using Their Toys

Organization is life skill that parents should strive to teach their children if they want to make it easier on them to succeed. Once someone learns to organize, they are capable of getting so much more done. You can you can start to teach your children organizational skills when they are very young by using the things that are the most important to them – their toys! An added benefit of teaching organization this way is you will keep their playroom picked up. I say it’s well worth it, you? Of course! Here are some tips on how you can teach your children to be organized: Make sure they have places to put their things. As George Carlin always said, “You got have a place for your stuff!” The same is true for kids’ things; they need a place for their stuff. When the child knows where his things belong he is able to place them there with confidence. If a child is wondering where something is supposed to go, it becomes too hard to pick up after themselves. Think about it. If you got 10 things to pick up and it takes you 5 min. just to figure out where something is going to go, you’re going to give up rather quickly. The same is true for kids, no one wants to waste their own time when they could be playing instead. Set a time at the end of every day to pick up toys and put things away before getting ready for bed. When your child develops a habit based on a schedule, you could almost guarantee that they will follow that schedule. With younger kids, you’ll want to help them get started in the evening so they catch the concept of the time that they need to pick up. For school-age children and older, you’ll want to let them know it’s time to get started and encourage them to do so. Label all bins and toy boxes with what is contained inside. This will keep your kids from pulling everything out just to see what’s in it. Teach your children to only open things when they want to get what is inside and not pull everything out as it will take longer for them to pick it up. Show them how much easier it is to kno9w where their things are. Avoid letting your child’s play area get over cluttered with toys they no longer use. Sort through things seasonally, or before events like birthdays or Christmas, and donate them if they are still usable, throw them away otherwise. Set rules that will help keep your kids from making their playroom – or bedroom – look like a hurricane hit it. For instance, one rule might be that only one puzzle can be out at a time. This will keep puzzle pieces from getting mixed together. Simple rules like this can be put on a poster in the playroom and you can use that as a visual when you need to remind your children about the rule. Get a few tips from their daycare provider. If your child goes to daycare they get used to picking up and organizing. They can’t use to playing one thing then picking it up, putting it away before they start a new thing. You may want to talk to the daycare provider and see how they organize their things. For instance, if a color code you may want to try that at home. Look for smart ways to organize kids toys. You want it so that when they start playing, they will not make more of a mess getting to their toys than they would have if they had just left them all on the floor in the first place. You can find some really cute organizational pods, shelving, lockers, etc. – just make sure what you choose to organize with will fit the type of toy and your child is okay with it. For instance, you can organize stuff animals many different ways, but you don’t want to hang them from the ceiling if it will freak your child out at night to have all of their stuffed animals staring at them. Organizational skills take time to learn, which gives parents time to teach these good habits. By teaching your children good organizational skills and following through you will be setting them up to succeed! Organize Kids Toys

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