Teen Stress Quiz

Teens are capable of experiencing stress much in the same way adults do. Beyond their teen angst and growing pains, they have responsibilities and expectations to live up to. While some stress is good for them, it will get them to do what needs to be done, too much stress can cause problems.
Welcome to your Teen Stress

1) Is your teen having problems getting to sleep at night, waking up in the middle of the night or other forms of insomnia?
2) Has your teenager's eating habits changed? For instance, does he eat more excessively or does he have a loss of appetite?
3) Does your teenager have tension headaches? Or have they been experiencing migraines?
4) Does your teen have back, shoulder or neck pain? Or do they feel tense in these areas, all knotted up?
5) Does your teenager have upset or acid stomach, stomachache or heartburn?
6) Does your teen have trouble thinking clearly? Are they unable to focus?
7) Has your teen shown more moodiness than normal?
8) Is your teenager overreacting to small problems and issues?
9) Has your teenager been forgetful more often - losing keys and forgetting school assignments?
10) Has your teen been involved in risk taking behaviors?
11) Does your teen have an facial or other tics that are present only sometimes?
12) Is your teen often worried the worst is about to happen? Do they talk negative about the future?
13) Is your teen acting nervous and shaky? Or does your teen seem agitated and restless?
14) Is your teen frustrated with issues at home or school?
15) Is your teen avoiding their friends or making different friends?

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