Teen Weekly Room Cleaning Chore Chart

Teen Weekly Room Cleaning Chore Chart

Maybe you won’t think that having a weekly room cleaning chore chart for your teen will help. Is it tough to get your teen to clean their room on a weekly basis? Is it almost impossible? Does you teen go into their room and look around then just lay down in bed and give up? Sounds normal! But a chore chart will help your teen get the tasks done and their room will be cleaner than it has ever been.

How to chore charts help? they mostly act like a to-do list for things that need to get done. So, the large overwhelming task of ‘go clean your room’ becomes ‘put your laundry in the hamper’ then ‘take the trash out’. Smaller tasks are easier to complete. When they get a few done, they will build their confidence that it is getting done, allowing them to keep working and finsi9hing the chore.

How can parents help teens clean their room?

Parents can do several things to help teens keep their room clean. Here are a few ideas:

  • Provide them with the printable chore chart that lists out the tasks that need to be completed.
  • Have the cleaning supplies available for your teen to easily access.
  • Expect your teen to be able to do only those task that you have shown them how to do correctly.
  • If you are raising a busy teen, break the cleaning tasks down over a couple of days, instead of asking them to clean in one day.

Parents may really need to help their teen clean their room by setting expectations, providing the means and then following through with a consequence. While letting teens get away with not being perfect, you will need to be sure that they aren’t keeping moldy plates from last month’s leftovers in there. If you do find that your teen needs more help to meet your room cleaning expectations, you can add a behavior contract along with the printable chart.

Print the chore chart here: Printable Teen Weekly Room Cleaning Chore Chart print on landscape setting

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