When you are packing a family to go on a trip there is so much to consider and even more to remember. Staying organized yourself and keeping everyone else organized is a really big job. Get some help by checking out these tips collected from seasoned travelers:

Roll your clothing. It’s a sure fire way to keep as many wrinkles out of clothes, especially the cotton shirts kids wear. So, instead of folding and stacking, roll those clothes up like a sandwich wrap.

Organize your kids’ clothes by daily wear and place them in a zip baggie – one for each day. This will keep you from having to figure it all out on the trip. It will also save you from having your kids dig throughout the suitcase for something to wear. If you transfer clothes from the suitcase to drawers in a hotel, the baggies help keep their things sanitized as well as organized.

Pack food that will fill your child’s belly. Do not pack just junk snacks. Something like a powerbar will help keep your kids from being hungry if you are stuck on a plane or in a traffic jam. Also, snacks like cucumber slices or grapes will keep your child from getting dehydrated during a ling car ride.

Be comfortable when going from here to there. When you lay out clothing for the day of travel, select easy care, comfortable clothing items. Items that are dark in color will hide and stains from eating snacks in the car much better than light colored clothing. You will also want the kids to have easy on and easy off shoes and perhaps fuzzy socks on a long car ride.

Don’t take too much extra with you. We all end up doing it, but try not to. When you take your clothes out to pack up, put back anything you don’t need. For instance, only one pair of dress shoes will do. So, go with your ‘works with everything’ pair as opposed to packing a pair for each dressier outfit. Lighter bags mean a lighter load to carry, which is important when you have to help carry your children’s things as well.

Create a “permanent” toiletry bag and use it. Stock it with its own toothbrushes, travel tooth paste, and other travel size items. Consider carrying this bag in your carry on when flying – be sure to follow the airports rules on flying and liquids. This way you will have the necessities with you if the airport should your luggage be lost.

Buy your kids luggage. As you children get older, get them their own suitcase sets. Our children each had a carry-on bag and a travel case that matches. They can fit a week’s worth of things in them and not have to check anything at the airport.

Create more than one packing list. This will keep your one list from becoming a monster. Make a personal packing list for each person in the family and save it in a family vacations folder or in your app. This will help your be able to stay organized for each one of your kids… and save you from packing your oldest child two sets of socks and no underwear and your youngest child two sets of underwear and no socks. I’ve been there.

Bring some over the counter medicine, but don’t go overboard. Small bottle of acetaminophen or ibuprofen for adults and kids, some cold medicine and a few cough drops will suffice until you can get to a place that sells what you need if someone should get sick. You will also want to add any medication that you need regularly when you travel. Now, if you will be spending a week in the woods with no conveniences around at all, you will want to adjust this list of medications.

Place your child’s activity items in their own back pack. You should have one for each child. If they are older than 4-years-old, they should be expected to carry it. This will keep them from taking way too much stuff.

Bring an extra empty bag. A duffel that you can place in your suitcase will be very useful. New you can pick things up to take home from your trip and have someplace to put it.

Be aware of the rules. If you are going to be traveling by air, bus or train, check the rules for carrying on luggage at their website before you start to pack. While airports have many rules, you may even want to print them out while you are on their site, some bus train companies do as well. Be on the safe side and check.

Write out all of your emergency contact information, cell phone numbers, etc. on three pieces of paper – or type it up once and print it out three times. Place in three different bags including your purse or wallet. Now if you lose your cell phone, you’ll have what you need to get by.

I hope these family packing tips help you pack your family up for a great trip! If you have a family packing tip to share with our successful parenting community, please do so in the comments area below.