Two Thumbs Up for High Tech Parenting

A new study put out by Northwestern University shows that parents aren’t as wary as they used to be when it comes to their kids and screen time. The study showed that parents while, technology and media in the home. And that parents don’t just stick their kids in front of the screen or use it to keep the kids happy. Parents are also reading to their children and playing with them. I’d love to see a study about how much more kids are reading today than they were back in the late 70s early 80s. I really think technology has helped in this and other areas and I love that parents today are embracing it. So much so, that I give today’s tech savvy parents two thumbs up! The study was headed by Dr. Ellen Wartella, a leading scholar of the role of media in children’s development and Director, Center on Media and Human Development at Northwestern University. She says parents welcome new media and new technology into the home. I’m sure most of us agree and have used our computers are iPad’s or phones to help us with our parenting, even if it’s just for kids calling with their cell phone to check in. I know I spent some time this afternoon getting some discovery channel videos online lined up for my daughter’s we have something to do when she’s bored this summer. I remember when I first started writing on the Internet back in 1997, parents were very nervous about their teenagers getting online as well they should have been. There were no safeguards or ways to check what your teen was doing. Now we don’t really have those concerns as much. There are ways for parents to stay in touch with their kids who are online and plugged in. And let’s face it it’s been 16 years! Those teams back in 97 are parents themselves these days. They grew up being media and screen savvy. And the rest of us caught up long time ago. Check out the video here on See more about the studies on high-tech parenting here: Recent Publications, Center on Media and Human Development at Northwestern University. Let us know what you think in the comments below. How does your family use technology? Do your kids get a lot of screen time? Is a good thing, are they learning? Share your opinion, advice and experiences with the comment. On a side note, I would like to share one of my experiences as today I found a video that is going to be perfect for my daughter. It’s called Dogs Decoded. It’s over on Netflix and you can instantly watch it. My daughter is not so sure about our dog as he has always been bigger than her, she gets frustrated with him because he is always in her way. I think gets in her way on purpose. We are going to learn more about that with the video. I’ll keep you posted 😉 Hope you can enjoy the video to!

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