Useful Rules for Successful Parents

usefull rules for successful parents mom and sonOne of the main goals of parenting is to help your children develop self-discipline. This is done by setting rules and limits on the child’s behavior. But not all rules and limits are created equal. As a matter of fact, many rules and limits don’t take the main goal of teaching self-discipline into account. Often, rules are made to make things easier on the adults in the household. Successful parents know however, that when rules are made with this parenting goal in mind their children will not only listen to them but they will learn from them. I call these types of rules ‘useful rules’.

Here you will find a list of articles on useful rules for successful parents, organized by behaviors that you may either want to curb, like cheating, or help your child develop, like manners. These articles will help you learn about the specific behavior and give you tips on setting limits for your child that will teach them to self-discipline as they get older. For each behavior you may find parenting contracts, tips on specific rules for certain ages and stages and studies or other resources concerning that behavior. Again, I have left the comments section open on these articles so that you may feel free to share your life experiences with the parents of our site.

Useful Rules for Successful Parents: Dealing with Bossy Children
Assertive children have many good attributes that when developed with cooperative strategies can lead to excellent leadership qualities. But if assertive children are allowed to use their traits to ‘be the boss’ of those around them, they end up with a poor sense of self and peers who do not trust them.

Useful Rules for Successful Parents: Kids and Stealing
One bad behavior parents have a very hard time dealing with is stealing. That’s because in society, stealing is a crime and we don’t like to think of our children as little criminals. Well, I’m here to tell you that they are not criminals, but you are right to think that stealing is a very bad behavior that you will need to deal with.

Useful Rules for Successful Parents: Talking Back and Sassy Behavior
Successful parents know that clear communication is the basis for effective discipline. If you aren’t communicating with your child in a clear and consistent manner, there isn’t much more you will be able to do. Here is how you can deal with children talking back and acting sassy.

Useful Rules for Successful Parents: Getting Kids to Do Their Homework
Homework has several important purposes. It shows a teacher that a student has mastered the skills taught in class, or at least is able to practice the skills independently, it prepares the student for future lessons and it helps build life skills in the student like responsibility, time management and feelings of accomplishment or confidence. Here are some tips on getting your kids to do their homework and getting it done well.

Useful Rules for Successful Parents: Kids and TV Watching
Monitoring what type television our children watch is as important as making sure they are not sitting in front of the television for too many hours in a week. Here are some useful rules you can set with your children about watching television.

Useful Rules for Successful Parents: Dealing with Selfish Kids
As a successful parent you will learn that you can’t teach kids not to be something. If you want to teach your children to ‘not be selfish’, you need to teach them by replacing the selfish behaviors with empathetic and generous behaviors. Learn more in this article.

Useful Rules for Successful Parents: Eliminating Rudeness in Our Children
Children are not inherently rude. Rudeness is a learned behavior that kids learn at home, at school and through their culture and in the media. Polite manners are able to be learned as well. When parents recognize that these two things go hand in hand, they are able to successfully raise their children with good manners

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