Talk to your child about why they are saying they dislike school, simply ask the question straight out. If you get a non-answer like ‘Everything!’, ‘I don’t know.’ or ‘What is there to like?’, ask your child to clarify. Explain that you will not be able to help unless you understand exactly what they are facing at school that they dislike so much. You may also want to point out that you need to understand why they are feeling this way so that you can be more understanding of the moods they may be in.

Here some common answers kids say to the question(in bold) and what parents can do about them:

I’m having a hard time with ______________. (Fill-In the blank with the school subject.) It’s very understandable for kids to dislike a class when they are having a hard time doing the work. For instance, it’s embarrassing when your friends understand long division and you don’t – which doesn’t help your child understand this tough math concept. Talk to them about what they misunderstand and either try and help them with the subject or find someone who can. You may also want to talk to their teacher. Once they understand what they have to do, it will be easier to be in the class and they may begin to like being there.

I want to note here that this is a one good reason for successful parents to help their children with their homework, even as they get older. You get to see where your child might struggle in school and you can prevent that by tutoring them yourself or getting them outside help.

Nobody likes school! This is one of the more popular answers children give because they believe that just because a few kids say they don’t like something, everyone is of the same mind. This isn’t the case. Explain to your child that it often seems like everyone thinks the same way because the more vocal kids are offering their opinions and others don’t want to disagree out loud. Talk to your child about not always following the crowd, peer pressure, and how it takes time to form your own opinion.

I miss being at home when I am at school. This is understandable as we all miss being at home, sitting around in our pajamas, without any responsibility. But learning new things is fun too! Point out the things about school your child likes and remind them that they miss those things when they are at home. Explain that is okay to miss home, but it is also important to enjoy where you are and what you are doing in the moment.

I’m having a fight with my friend/the kids are teasing me/I don’t like my teacher. Getting along socially is one of the lessons school teaches. Help your child with their particular problem and explain to them how this one problem is not everything about school. Try to get them to think more about the positive things at school instead of just their current problems. Point out the different parts of school that they are not having trouble with and the things that they enjoy.

I am bored! If your child feels like they aren’t getting anything out of their school day – they’re sitting around the school doing nothing – it is not a wonder that think they don’t like school. Make an appointment with their teacher and talk to them about the curriculum and why your child is coming home bored. The teacher and the school will be able to change the curriculum to challenge your child.

I hope these tips help you help your child like school little bit more ;) If you have a successful tip or a parenting story to share with the parents in our community about school, please put it in the comments area below.