When Should My Daughter Start Wearing a Bra?

When Should My Daughter Start Wearing a Bra?

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Breast development happens during the first stages of puberty for girls. Therefore, it is not only a physical issue for your daughter, one needing a whole new type of underwear, but it also brings with it a whole barrel full of nervous and self-conscience feelings – for both you and your daughter. This is normal and all girls and their parents go through it. You’re normal!

But being normal doesn’t make it go away… If you think that time has come for your daughter, here are some tips that will help you know what to do without embarrassing her too much.

Age Isn’t a Gage When Deciding to Start Wearing a Bra

Don’t be too quick to say things like, “You can wear a bra when you are twelve.” to your 9-year-old daughter. While it might be easy to think that you can just set an age for your daughter to start wearing a bra regularly and that will be that, it isn’t that easy. A certain age does not mean a certain stage is going to happen. What happens if your daughter develops breasts before that age? She might feel even more self-conscience because she is developing ‘early’ by the standards you have set. Or what happens if she doesn’t need one when you ask her to start wearing them because she is a certain age? Will she trust your judgment in other more serious matters that deal with her sexuality? These are all serious matters to consider when looking at your daughter’s ages and stages.

Wearing a Bra Because She Needs To

When your daughter’s breasts are noticeable in a t-shirt, it’s time for her to start wearing a bra. That is true of she is 14-years-old or if she is 9-years-old. Otherwise, people will start looking, she will notice and she may begin to feel overly self-conscience about her developing body.

Wearing a Bra Because She Wants To

Many girls want o start wearing a bra because their friends are all wearing them. That’s okay! Otherwise your daughter may feel left behind. Because wearing a bra is a healthy hygiene habit for a young woman, this a good peer pressure instance. It is also a great ice breaker for you to talk to her about this, her peers and other feminine hygiene practices.

When She Doesn’t Want to Wear a Bra, But Needs To

If you have a daughter who does not want to wear a bra, but physically needs to, you are in a difficult situation. Be careful not to be negative, but you have to be firm.

Start by talking to her about why she doesn’t want to sear a bra. Help where you can. For instance, is the bra you purchased for her comfortable? If not, have her try others. Are kids at school making fun of her or bullying her? Have a talk with her teachers or the school administration. Once you get to the reason behind why she does not want to wear a bra and fix it as best you can, it will be easier to get her to do so.

If she just doesn’t want to, you’ll need to set some limits. If she wants to go bra-less around the house, that is fine. But, going out of the house means she has to have a bra on. Again, be understanding but firm.

While there isn’t one set time for girls to start wearing bras, most girls will want to start in their preteen or early teen years. Successful parents can help their daughter by being available to talk about it and providing for this need.

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