Why Successful Kids Should Know How to Really Use Computers

Why Successful Kids Should Know How to Really Use Computers

I read this article – Kids can’t use computers… and this is why it should worry you – this morning and felt it hit a point straight on… while we have children who use a computer everyday, they really do not know what they are doing, how it is working and could get themselves into tons of trouble without this knowledge.

The article makes some very valid points. Point #1:

I looked at the MacBook. I had no experience with OSX at the time. Jobs wasn’t an idiot though, and displayed proudly in the top right hand corner of the screen was a universally recognizable WiFi symbol. It took me seconds to get the device on the network.

Since the local school boards are getting kids as young as preschool tablets and laptops in many areas, maybe it would be good to begin teaching them ‘universally recognizable computer symbols’ along with the alphabet. And no, I’m not kidding.

When we purchased a ‘Family Raspberry Pi’ Techno-Dad to the rescue. I hooked it all up, flashed an OS to the SD-card and then sat back proudly, wondering why nobody other than me wanted to use the blasted thing. All through their lives, I’ve done it for them. Set-up new hardware, installed new software and acted as in-house technician whenever things went wrong. As a result, I have a family of digital illiterates.

And that is the answer for successful parents, instead of doing, advise. Don’t do things for your kids as much as advise them on what to do. Yes, it is more frustrating and it will take more time. But, your goal is more than getting software installed. Keep your eye on the prize! The next time a new computer comes to your house, ask your kids to set it up or do it together. Of you do not know about computers, take a computer class together and learn more about how to fix things yourself.

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